Programs and Workshops.

We fully customize our programs for each lab, tech shop, school, and research group we work with. No matter where we are, our Step 1 is always “listen.”
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imageedit_2_7677451435Artist-in-Residency Program + Creative Event

Our pioneering Artist-in-Residency program helps cultivate a creative research environment. Artists will observe lab and research work, interview and get to know researchers, and host development sessions in order to create a brand new artistic event featuring your business or lab!

The Residency program culminates in a creative event that celebrates, markets, and tells the story of the work your lab or company is doing.


imageedit_6_3319101672Broader Impact Development

Writing a grant for your research? Catalyst can partner with you on developing the Broader Impact section of your upcoming grants! If you’d like to your work to stand out at the next conference, let us help you imagine creative ways of telling the story of your work. Our creative base of performers, musicians, dancers, and visual artists can help bring your impact to the next level. This offering is customized per grant and can be tailored to any research method, subject, or area.


imageedit_4_3577178977Public Speaking and Presenting Workshop

If presenting at conferences, public speaking, or talking about your work is an area of anxiety, our artists are here to help. Our public speaking and presenting workshops are designed to help you develop the perfect story for your work and give you the skills to articulate that story in public.

The Public Speaking and Presenting workshop culminates in a final presentation and storytelling event that will mark a new chapter in your group’s ability to present their work.

imageedit_8_5029675234Developing your Artistic Toolkit Workshop

Every person has both artistic, educative, and research skills. Too often, however, we corral ourselves within a discipline – not able to see connections between our deep and numerous skills. Our Artistic Toolkit Workshop is designed to notice, name, and fertilize artistic talents within people who may otherwise leave those talents hidden.

The Artistic Toolkit Workshop culminates in a what we call a “panorama” – a giant list of new possible ways of communicating your work with a few first steps on how to get there.

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At the end of the day, we are all just humans, and scientists are not fundamentally different than everyone else. We just seek to answer the questions that humans have.  — Jake Hanson, Astrobiologist