About us

Catalyst Collective is a faith-based organization that supports nonprofits by empowering them with the resources they need so they can focus on serving their greater community and making an impact. We do this by connecting our nonprofit teams and leaders to our exclusive network of partners who are experts in the industries of technology, storytelling, fundraising, and web development. The relationships built by the nonprofit leaders and partners are instrumental in ensuring our local nonprofits grow and succeed.

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About Sunny

Hi! I’m Sunny Bray, and I’m the Founder of Catalyst Collective. Over the past 10 years, I have spent my career connecting people and specializing in helping to launch and grow businesses into new and existing markets. With my growing desire to connect like-minded individuals, I decided to launch the premiere networking organization for Nashville’s young professionals, Network Under 40: Nashville in September 2016. It was through this experience that I realized my true passion for helping our local community, specifically nonprofit leaders, succeed through meaningful connections and ultimately realized the need for Catalyst Collective.

My rich experience in both the for profit and nonprofit space has provided me with expert qualifications in identifying and capturing market opportunities to accelerate expansion and growth. Some of my biggest accomplishments include a strong track record of consistently meeting and exceeding company goals, cultivating and securing new partnerships, developing and building a strong community presence.

In addition to staying connected in the community, I take pride in and value the personal and professional development that is required to be a successful leader. When I’m not networking or volunteering, you can probably find me doing something outdoors, traveling to a new city, or running through the mud at an obstacle course race.